Quickbooks Database Server Manager is one of the most useful tools of QB that is offered by Intuit. Intuit offers their users to use QuickBooks in Multi-user mode, So according to this mode, users can access and perform their tasks on multiple desktops or devices. It is essential to install the Database server manager because without installation, it is impossible for the user of QB to use multiple versions of the QB desktop software. It also helps to create the network data files of any organization on the hosting server.

Advantages Of QB Database Server Manager 

Before doing anything you should have to know about the advantages and disadvantages of that activity or task, so before downloading QB Database Server Manager you have to know about its pro and cons :

  • After the installation of QB Database Server Manager(QBDSM), you can access your documents files on any other desktop or any other similar device.
  • After doing this, you will get access to add or remove any user on the QB server.
  • It helps in creating network data files and upload them to the hosting computer server.
  •  you can use multiple versions of the QB desktop, on doing this one thing you have to keep in your mind that you have to install every version of QB.
  • While using it you should have to remember that all versions of QB have been installed sequentially or not.

Step to download and install Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Here we are going to discuss how to download QBDSM on our desktop to use QB software in a proper way according to the required version :

  • Before downloading QBDSM, you are required to use the QB Desktop installer.
  • After this, you will need to start the installation wizard QB and make sure the internet connection is on your desktop and click on the Next button.
  • Now you should read all software agreements, terms, and conditions carefully after it clicks on the Next button.
  • After it clicks on the Custom or network button.
  • Then you have to choose an installation method.
  • Then you have to fill up your product license number.
  • After it clicks on to allow access button and follow the further instructions and click on finish Installation.

Steps to setup Quickbooks Database Server Manager

After the compilation of downloading and installation QBDSM the next process which you have to follow for its set up is mentioned below: 

  • To complete the setup of your QBDSM firstly you have to download the current version of QBDSM for your QB desktop.
  • After it, you have to reboot your QB server.
  • After the compilation of the QB server reboot, You will get a notification related to uploading company files to work with the current version of the QB Desktop.
  • All documents that you have uploaded on the QB server may be required in the future for any legal or normal purpose, so you have to create a backup file.
  • Once you have completed the backup process of all files you have to open the file and get started with your work.

Steps to update Quickbooks Database Server Manager

The most important thing to know update your QBDSM, for it should follow these steps for proper update:

  • To update your QBDSM firstly you should go to the Intuit official website to download the current version updated patch for your QBDSM.
  • After the installation of the update patch, you must have to reboot your QB server.
  • After it, you will get a notification message “The Company file requires to be updated to continue working with the QB version”.
  • Then you are required to create a backup of your files because the updates can modify the whole database structure.
  • After the compilation of the backup, you should follow the guidelines. So, you are able to complete your task.

How To Restart The QB Database Server Manager?

When you have completed the update of your QBDSM. After it, you have faced an error while launching the QB server, then you should restart your QBDSM on your desktop and follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • First of all click on the start menu of your windows.
  • Then search the control panel menu and then go to the administrative tools.
  • Click on the services option from the given list.
  • After it, you have to click on the “QuickBooks DBXX service” and select the restart option.

According to all discussion, now it becomes too easy to download, install, set up, update, and restart the QBDSM. These features make Quickbooks perfect accounting software.

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